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The economic use of energy has never been a timelier topic. Economic considerations aside, climate and environmental protection issues also play an increasingly important role.

The savings generated by the most efficient use of energy possible are a concern of governments and entrepreneurs alike. Liquid Petroleum Gas makes a significant contribution to this end because of its many benefits.

Liquid Petroleum Gas is extremely versatile and ready to use on short notice with very little effort. The cost of acquiring a Liquid Petroleum Gas supply is comparably low, and it is more mobile than any other form of energy.

Liquid Petroleum Gas also combusts with particularly low emissions, and can even be used in water protection areas.

Some of the many application possibilities of Liquid Petroleum Gas are:

Heating of large halls and spaces

Liquid Petroleum Gas powered infrared heating systems are cost-effective solutions that provide an optimal feeling of warmth and comfort while working in large halls, and pay off when applied when needed.

Construction industry

Modern gas heating units ensure that the temperature does not drop below a certain point during critical building stages, and that the overall construction progress goes according to plan. Be it dry construction, concrete and flooring work, or interior plastering, Liquid Petroleum Gas delivers the necessary working temperature – wherever you are.


When combined with oxygen, Liquid Petroleum Gas is ideal for flame cutting, soldering, brazing, gouging, flame blasting, flame hardening, and flame straightening.


Liquid Petroleum Gas is exceptionally well-suited for material heat treatments. You can profit from Liquid Petroleum Gas with practically all heat treatment furnaces: annealing and hardening furnaces, chamber and drying furnaces, and incinerators and forging furnaces. Propane’s gas atmosphere is characterized by its high degree of purity and is being used increasingly as a protective and carburizing gas.

Drachengas is optimal for melting and shaping glass. Liquid Petroleum Gas is available as a portable form of energy in gas cylinders for artisanal glass production. In industrial glass production Liquid Petroleum Gas is valued for its high degree of efficiency.

In direct-fired drying plants, Liquid Petroleum Gas is the preferred cost-effective fuel for concrete drying chambers, brick tunnel kilns, afterburning ovens in a plastics plants, or ceramic kilns.

Together we will gladly analyze what use of Liquid Petroleum Gas yields the desired effect for your business.

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