Combined Heat and Power Unit

Double the benefits.

A combined heat and power unit (CHP) generates electricity and heat at the same time, making it especially efficient. A CHP unit furthermore makes you independent from the energy grid.

We especially recommend a CHP unit in combination with an additional peak load heating boiler: This way your initial investment in the CHP unit pays off after just a short time. The application possibilities for a CHP unit are vast – we will gladly consult and assist you from the planning stages to the realization of your project.


The advantages of a CHP unit

  • A highly economical and efficient solution
  • Especially eco and climate friendly
  • Saves energy and complies with the requirements of the Heat-Power Cogeneration Act
  • Delivers guaranteed revenue by feeding generated electricity back into the grid (more information is available from your electricity provider)
  • Government grants available (more information at umweltfoerderung.at)

Hotel & Food Service

Don’t let efficiency get scorched.



Eco-friendly energy for humans and animals alike.



More movement. Less standstill.


Combined Heat and Power Unit

Autonomous heat and power generation – wherever you are.


Industry & Commerce

The right solution for all your needs.

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