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DrachenGas, A success story since 1954

About Us

DrachenGas, the origins

Drachengas Group’s history is closely connected with that of its founder, Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Costantino Dragan – a Romanian by birth, a European and cosmopolitan at heart.

1954 marks the birthing hour of Propangas AG. The distribution of LPG in blue steel cylinders with filling weights of 5 kg, 11 kg and 33 kg was carried out under the name Drachengas. The cylinderes were primarily used in households for cooking and water heating since pipeline-bound/grid-bound energy wasn’t commonly spread.

Due to the economic upturn and rise in demand for Drachengas, the company determinedly established a network of dealers to enable the nationwide supply of all of Austria.

In the 1970s, LPG was increasingly being used as an alternative to common heating fuels. Modern heating technologies and LPG high calorific value permitted an economic use of this eco-friendly energy source. Outdoor tanks were being installed under and above ground to keep up with the increasing amount of energy needed at a reasonable price. Demand for installation, service, and technical assistance skyrocketed with the rapid development of the fuel pump business. To that end, Propangas AG decided to set up sales facilities with employees trained especially for these operations throughout Austria.

The Drachengas brand is synonymous with efficiency, safety, and service quality within the European LPG market. Serving our customers and fulfilling their wishes and demands is our top priority.

DrachenGas today

DrachenGas today

DrachenGas is part of Veroniki Holding, founded in 2010 by Daniela Veronica Gusa de Dragan as the unique coordination body of the Dragan Group.

Today Veroniki Holding is present in nine European countries (Italy, Greece, Germany, Romania,  Austria, Poland, Serbia, Spain and France), with 1420 employees, where it operates with 36 entities in the following sectors:

  • LPG, the Group’s core business
  • Renewable energies
  • Electricity and natural gas
  • Naval
  • Real estate
  • Medical and wellness
  • Food packaging
  • Cultural and teaching

DrachenGas supplies LPG to meet your personal mobility needs as well as for your company.

DrachenGas is a climate-neutral company

As well as economic and social aspects, ecology is gaining more and more meaning. This is why we undertake to trade in a sustainable and climate-friendly manner.

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