LPG: for every season there is DrachenGas

DrachenGas supplies LPG in cylinders and small tanks of different capacities according to your needs: an economical, safe and ready to use fuel that will allow you to cook, have hot water, heat or cool your home and accompany you in your leisure time.

Heating and Cooling

Heat your home with DrachenGas LPG and discover all the advantages of clean, safe and always available energy. Just install an underground or above ground tank with a meter so you only pay for what you use.
During summer, thanks to innovative equipment such as gas heat pumps, you can also cool your home with LPG. In the winter months, DrachenGas allows you to replace the old traditional boiler with an efficient LPG condensation boiler.

Production of sanitary hot water

With DrachenGas LPG in tanks or cylinders, you can have hot water immediately. Replace your old, expensive and inefficient electric water heater with a modern Liquid gas-condensing boiler that benefits from all the advantages of this fuel.


Choose LPG in the kitchen too. The high calorific value makes it a highly efficient fuel and cuts cooking times, which saves you money. DrachenGas LPG, available in practical bottles, can also be used safely in your free time. For example, to supply the kitchen of your second home, the camping stove or all gas appliances in your motorhome.


With DrachenGas LPG you can grill healthy residue-free – turn it up and use the desired heat immediately during the entire grilling process. You have no problems with temperature fluctuations, and you have everything under control. They protect the environment compared to other products and you are mobile.

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