Climate neutral
DrachenGas is a climate neutral corporation

Along economic and social aspects the subject of ecology gains more and more importance. That’s why we committed to sustainable, environment and climate friendly trade. A path that will challenge us time and again, however, we are of the firm conviction that these efforts will pay off.

We deem climate change as one of the most pressing topics of our time. That is why we asked “zukunftswerk”, a consulting association specialized in generating carbon-balance, to determine our carbon footprint.

The calculation is based on the globally recognized standard „Greenhouse Gas Protocol“. All direct CO2-emissions from combustion processes, such as our car fleet or the heating of our building, were considered. Besides the indirect emissions from power consumption, emissions based on the commuting of our staff, business trips, deliveries or utilization of business stationary were also included by “zukunftswerk”.

Since the beginning of 2016 we have been a climate neutral corporation: with the participation in a climate protection project we balance all carbon-emissions resulting from our business activity. The idea behind this is as follows: climate change is a global phenomenon, in it’s origin and consequences. It won’t adhere to country boarders. No matter where emissions originate from, the subsequent danger stays the same. The reversal conclusion: If emissions are lowered anywhere in the world, the global balance profits from that. Emission rights which are distributed by the government but can also be auctioned, companies have the chance to support globally corresponding climate protection projects to improve their carbon-balance or settle it. A reasonable instrument by the environmental policy, which especially helps initiate change in countries with low or no environmental standard.

We have bought carbon-certificates which are funded by a hydroelectric power station in the Chinese province Fujian. This way we settle our yearly carbon emissions. We consider this a reasonable and trend-setting approach.

Of course our goal to optimize the handling of natural resources and environmentally friendly production processes year by year remains.

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