Switch to autogas if you want to be mobile in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way. You won’t just save significant fuel costs, you will also preserve the environment thanks to low COemissions. If you are on the road a lot, you will recoup the costs from the switch quickly. An extensive network of autogas filling stations ensures that you will never run out of gas.

Autogas can’t be stopped

Autogas has many advantages over gasoline and diesel:

  • Autogas is cheap and will lower your fuel costs.
  • Autogas delivers energy that combusts cleanly – even your motor will thank you for that.
  • When you decide to switch to autogas you take a burden off the environment thanks to significantly less exhaust emissions.
Convert your fleet to Autogas

Convert your fleet to autogas and not only will you save fuel costs in no time, you will also make an active contribution to the environment. Autogas combusts eco-friendlier than gasoline and releases significantly less harmful emissions.

You’re even better off with your in-house company filling station. We’re happy to advise you.

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