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Regardless of whether you are in a large-scale kitchen or at a gourmet restaurant, when it comes to food preparation functionality and professionalism decide the products quality. That’s why professionals value how quickly the gas range heats up and how precisely it can be adjusted. This enables the cook to prepare food at the exact temperature he pleases, adjusting the heat without delay. Liquid Petroleum Gas burners supply you with the full amount of heat at the turn of a knob – there is no need to preheat. There is no residual heat either, which significantly reduces the risk of burning yourself.

Liquid Petroleum Gas, the all-Rounder
Liquid Petroleum Gas can do more than just prepare food to perfection. As a cost-effective alternative to common sources of energy, Liquid Petroleum Gas is also a viable option for the heating and cooling needs of restaurant and hotel owners.

Location is not a concern
The great flexibility and portability of Liquid Petroleum Gas makes this source of energy especially attractive for remote restaurants and catering operations. Portable cooking appliances, barbeques, or food stands can be operated efficiently and comfortably – independent from a central supply. Furthermore Liquid Petroleum Gas is exceptionally suitable for patio heaters.

Five-star supply of power and heat
Combined heat and power (CHP) units are becoming increasingly popular in the food service industry. Switching to a CHP unit is cost-effective and makes sense particularly for smaller operations. CHP units generate heat and power at the same time, making them especially efficient.

A CHP unit is an investment in the future. You can also effortlessly combine your unit with a solar panel system that prepares the majority of hot water and supports the heating – a pioneering heating technology.

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