Power for everyone who wants to set things in motion.

Gas powered forklifts can be used for nearly all indoor and outdoor tasks, for light and heavy loads, on flat ground as well as on inclines and rough terrain.



When you acquire a gas-powered forklift you profit from a variety of benefits:

  • Costs
    The cost of purchasing a gas-powered forklift is almost always lower than that of forklifts running on other kinds of fuel. Quickly replacing a cylinder or refilling at the company gas station minimizes idle time. This holds especially true in comparison with an electric forklift. Gas-powered forklifts also do not require expensive charging stations or batteries packs that are a hassle to discard.
  • Cleanliness
    Thanks to its low emission, a gas-powered forklift does not require a soot filter for operating indoors like the diesel-powered variety does. This is beneficial for your employees, your operating facilities, and your machines. It also means that your inventory stays clean.
  • Longevity
    Low-residue combustion protects the motor and improves its longevity.


Autogas Cylinders (Immersion Pipe)

Ideal for small to mid-sized applications.

The quick and simple method of changing cylinders means practically no idle time. Your back-up cylinders can be conveniently stored in cylinder boxes.

Our in-house fleet guarantees a reliable delivery exactly the way you want it: by subscription or one-time order over the phone, fax, or e-mail


Autogas Company Filling Station

Recommended for greater consumption.
An in-house company filling station makes sense if you operate 3 forklifts or 3 full shifts per workday.

The use of autogas becomes even more efficient with an in-house company filling station.
For one you won’t need to store autogas cylinders. You also avoid handling and securing cylinders on forklifts. Because of the greater purchase volume, you pay less for gas while increasing your supply security. The gas level indicator saves you unnecessary idling.

Hotel & Food Service

Don’t let efficiency get scorched.



Eco-friendly energy for humans and animals alike.



More movement. Less standstill.


Combined Heat and Power Unit

Autonomous heat and power generation – wherever you are.


Industry & Commerce

The right solution for all your needs.

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