Residential heating & hot water

Liquid Petroleum Gas is the ideal energy source for your home.

Comfortable warmth for you, big savings for your budget, and environmentally friendly at the same time: A Liquid Petroleum Gas heating until ensures you do everything right. It also allows you to heat your service water economically and energy-efficiently. The advantages speak for themselves:

In addition to its use for generating heat and hot water in households, Liquid Petroleum Gas can be used for cooking, refrigeration, washing, etc.


Modern boiler and Liquid Petroleum Gas technologies ensure top efficiency levels, which makes them ideal for low-temperature heating and boiler systems. A Liquid Petroleum Gas heating unit, for example, allows the exhaust heat to be reused for hot water.


Liquid Petroleum Gas is not poisonous and can be used in water protection areas without hesitation. It combusts nearly residue-free and releases significantly less emissions than heating systems that operate on oil or coal.

Flexible space requirement
The large range of Liquid Petroleum Gas appliances can be integrated and positioned flexibly within almost any room design.


Quick and easy installation
Liquid Petroleum Gas heating and boiler systems are quick and easy to install. They also require little maintenance and the acquisition costs are comparably low.


Independence from the gri
Liquid Petroleum Gas does not require an energy grid and thus makes you independent. You can store it compactly on-site or in tanks above or under the ground. Drachengas provides you with a comfortable, secure, and reliable Liquid Petroleum Gas supply.

Future oriented

Liquid Petroleum Gas can fuel modern heating systems, including low-temperature and condensing boiler systems, as well as innovative cogeneration units that generate cost-effective warmth and electricity at the same time. Combining heating with a solar panel system for domestic hot water preparation and heater support is also easily possible and forward thinking.

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