Grilling & Camping

Liquid Petroleum Gas is unparalleled in terms of portable energy. Be it at camping or at your weekend barbeque, the energy you require is always available with a cylinder of Drachengas.

Barbeque fun without delay

Your meat will turn out perfectly – all without lighting charcoal or irritating smoke and ash. Grilling with Liquid Petroleum Gas means barbeque fun with a safe and portable energy source.

Full power on your travels

Wherever your camping adventures take you, Liquid Petroleum Gas is your trusty companion that makes you independent from the grid. Easily set up, Drachengas guarantees the highest degree of comfort while cooking, cooling, and heating during your travels.

Make it easy for yourself

Life will become a bit easier again with our new Drachengas ultra-light cylinder. At 4.4kg net weight, it is significantly lighter than the standard steel cylinder, and thus perfect for grilling and camping. Because of its modern construction method, the fill level is easily discernable from the outside.

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