Fireplaces and tiled stoves

Fireplaces and tiled stoves produce an exceptionally cozy warmth during cold weather. They relieve the heating system and give your home an atmospheric eye-catcher. Gas operated fireplaces are a comfortable alternative to wood burning fireplaces.

Onfire for comfort

Enjoy the coziness of your fireplace and forget about the hassle of stacking firewood or cleaning ash when you’re done. Gas burns significantly cleaner and nearly residue-free compared to wood. So not only is your fireplace clean, your health and the environment will also benefit from your choice. an efficiency rate of 70%, closed gas fireplaces are comparable to classic wood burning ones.

Cozy warmth at the press of a button
While before it was cumbersome to make a fire, today all you need to do is press a button and your gas-powered fireplace will supply you with a soothing warmth. Your fireplace can even be comfortably regulated by a room thermostat or time switch if you wish.


More than just a fireplace
What’s more: supply your entire house with hot water with a cozy and attractive tile stove, or save even more by combining it with a solar panel system.

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