Maximum comfort at minimum cost.

At home Liquid Petroleum Gas is worth every cent. It’s not just especially eco-friendly, it’s also highly efficient and can be used nearly everywhere thanks to its versatility – even in remote areas far away from the grid.

Cooking, Baking, Grilling

Cook like the pros.

What professional chefs value is comfortably realizable in your own home: Cooking with gas. Besides being advocated by professionals, cooking with Liquid Petroleum also has the following benefits:

  • It saves time and money
    The heat you need is available instantly. There’s no faster or more efficient way to cook.
  • Accurate heat regulation
    Not too hot and not too cold. Those who cook with gas, value perfect temperature regulation. Meals do neither overcook nor burn, and can be prepared especially gently – an advantage you can taste.
  • Energy conservation
    There is no residual heat once you extinguish the flame. Not only does this save energy, you can rest assured any burn accidents with small children will be avoided.
  • Multiple supply possibilities
    You don’t necessarily need a domestic gas line if you want to cook with gas. Liquid Petroleum Gas gives you full flexibility and various options – like tanks or cylinders for more independence.
Cooling Units

Give electricity costs the cold shoulder.

Refrigerators need a lot of energy. They are among the largest power consumers in your home. The alternative is just as reliable as it is cost-effective. Refrigerators can also be powered by Liquid Petroleum Gas through a gas appliance outlet, saving you a significant amount on your utility bill. A further advantage of Liquid Petroleum Gas operated refrigerators is that they can be used in remote areas away from the power grid.

Liquid Petroleum Gas operated refrigeration and freezing units are available in various sizes and styles – as built-ins, to hang on your wall, or as mobile appliances.

Washing Machines, Dryers, and Dishwashers

Clean energy for clean laundry.

The more energy a home uses, the more you save by switching to gas powered alternatives. Be it washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers – many power guzzlers can be operated splendidly with Liquid Petroleum Gas. Heating water with gas is generally cheaper and eco-friendlier than with electricity. Gas powered laundry dryers operate much more economically and need less time to dry. This preserves your laundry as well as your household budget.

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